9 Ways to Model Good Sportsmanship from the Sidelines

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9 Ways to Model Good Sportsmanship from the Sidelines

Have you ever stifled the urge to shout at a parent, referee, or player during a big game? As a coach, you probably know that it’s important to be a good role model for your young athletes. But what does that look like when you’re on the sidelines at a big game and your stress levels are skyrocketing?

Why and How Parents Can Support Referees in Youth Sport

Have you ever wanted to yell at a referee during your young athlete’s big game? Maybe you thought the ref made a bad call or has been favoring the other team for the whole game. But as a parent, how you interact with the referee can make a big impact on your athlete.

Video: Growing Grit

What is GRIT? It’s more than sticking with something for a long time. It’s sticking with something in spite of all the adversity and obstacles that come along without giving up.

3 Signs that It’s Time to Pivot and Set New Goals

By TrueSport
As parents and as coaches, we often understand that there’s value in pursuing a goal, even when it seems unattainable. Every hero’s journey encounters some moment of adversity, some chance that they won’t reach their goal. And even losing out on a goal has value because it instills resilience.

6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety During Tough Transitions

By TrueSport
Young athletes face tough transitions on a regular basis. Whether it’s something big, like a move to a new school, or just the start of a season with a new coach, these transitions can be significant sources of anxiety. But you can help your young athlete navigate these challenging times.

Does Your Athlete Need to Grow the Gratitude Muscle?

By David Benzel
Attaching a child’s show of gratitude to their performance is risky business. So what should you expect in the way of gratefulness from your kids? And how exactly can you teach a child to be thankful for the opportunities and blessings that come their way?

Video: Blueprint for Teaching Your Child Self-Discipline

Self discipline is tough because there are always attractive, easier options luring us away from what’s best for us in the long run.

When to Say Yes to Your Kid Quitting the Team

By TrueSport
This last Games cycle has taught many athletes and coaches the importance of prioritizing mental health as much as we prioritize physical health in sport. And for some athletes, that may mean sitting out major competitions — as gymnast Simone Biles elected to do in the Tokyo 2020 Games — and it could even mean quitting a team altogether.

6 Ways to Give the Gift of Sport on a Budget

By TrueSport
Youth sports may seem expensive, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Between team fees, extra lessons, and all the gear needed for a growing athlete, it adds up fast. And with the holidays coming, the list of sports-themed needs and wants is likely getting longer and longer. But sports don’t need to be exclusive to families with money to spare: You can give the gift of sport on a budget.

TrueSport Ambassadors on the Life-Changing Power of Sport

By TrueSport
Even from a young age, the sports children play and the teams they join can shape them into the adults that they will become. Here, three TrueSport Ambassadors are sharing how sport has changed their lives, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally.