Winning Connections Newsletter – June 2014

Gymnastics & Parenting Articles

Winning Connections Newsletter – June 2014

Why Your Child Needs the Drug of CHOICE
Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom
The Sport-Family Advantage
Iowa Gym-Nest Hosts David Benzel’s Workshops on Confidence Building for Parents and Athletes

What My Wife Taught Me about the Dreaded Car Ride after Competitions

By David Benzel
In the early years of my son’s baseball career, the car ride home was always fun and cheerful — win or lose. As I look back now it’s obvious to me which one of us started taking the fun out of that car ride.

Winning Connections Newsletter – May 2014

Does Your Child Appreciate the Financial Cost of Sports?
Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments
Give Yourself an Educational Gift – Watch a FREE GCFL Webinar

Winning Connections Newsletter – April 2014

My Coach Doesn’t Like Me
How Children Succeed
The Coaching Revolution
National Sports Center and the Schwann Super Rink Hosts GCFL Workshop

The Sport-Parent Paradox – Less is More

By David Benzel
In what way must the parents of athletically gifted children behave differently than the parents of average performing children?

Winning Connections Newsletter – March 2014

Can You Give Your Child the Eye of a Tiger?
A Resource to Tap
GCFL Resources

Five Parenting Decisions that Reveal Your True Values

By David Benzel
We all have a built-in “compass” that offers direction for decision-making. Just as a mechanical compass shows magnetic north, your internal compass reveals your True North Values. These values should be considered whenever you lead family choices. There are five crucial parenting choices observed by your children everyday. Are your choices in alignment with your True North Values?

Winning Connections Newsletter – February 2014

Passion is Caught More Than Taught
The Element – How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
New GCFL Promotion
A Creative Spin to Growing Champions and Figure Skating Success

Winning Connections Newsletter – January 2014

Humility or Arrogance: Where is Your Child Headed?
12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School
New GCFL Promotion
David Benzel to Speak at US Figure Skating National Championships

Avoiding Defensive Conversations

By David Benzel
Here are some tips about avoiding defense conversations with your athlete.