Are You a Mentor?

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Are You a Mentor?

By David Benzel
Some words are often tossed about as if they are interchangeable, like teacher, trainer, instructor, tutor, etc. However there are two words that should never be treated as synonyms: “mentor” and “coach”.

Getting What You Want as a Parent or Coach

By David Benzel
Whether you’re a parent or a coach, you probably have some general idea of what you want for your family or your team. It might be “a happy family”, or “a winning team.” Unfortunately many people have not thought about these things in detail, but only in general terms.

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Losing It and Other Emotional Hijackings

By David Benzel
It’s an obvious fact that nothing stirs the emotions quite like your child’s misbehavior. It can be the catalyst for losing control emotionally without realizing what really happened.

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Caveman Conversations – How to Avoid Fight or Flight When Talking to Your Child

By David Benzel
When conversations get ugly one or more family members have chosen to head toward fight or flight – battle or retreat – both verbally and sometimes physically. Neither one of these alternatives will give you the most important outcome you ultimately desire with your child…trust and closeness.

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Is It Too Late to Make it Right with My Child?

By David Benzel
Here’s the inevitable question I hear from parents when they realize they’ve been over-bearing
and critical: “Is it too late for me to do this right?” The answer is “No”. It’s never too late, but it
does require some humility to make a believer out of your child.

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