How Do You Handle Adversity (PDF)

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How Do You Handle Adversity (PDF)

There are generally three camps of people when it comes to facing adversity. And the different responses can help
to explain the varying degrees of success experienced. There are Prisoners, Settlers, and Pioneers.

Video: Lou Gehrig – Create Your Opportunities

Do opportunities come to the lucky, or to those who are prepared? This lesson uses a baseball legend to teach the value of earning opportunities.

Video: Caroline Wozniacki – A Formula for Success

In addition to the usual strategies for success used by top professional athletes, Caroline Wozniacki has used three specific concepts to escalate herself to the top of women’s tennis.

Video: 3 Tips for Handling Performance Slumps

A slump in performance is discouraging, but a normal occurrence for young athletes. Learn three strategies for handling those moments so they don’t become a lasting problem.

Is Your Athlete Seeing the Big Picture or Riding an Emotional Roller Coaster? (PDF)

By David Benzel
On a list of factors that impact the youth sports experience, perspective is at the top. How you and your young athlete view victories, challenges, and losses determine whether or not it feels like a roller coaster or a smooth sailing vessel.

Video: 3 Voices of Fear Fixed with 1 Question of Courage

It’s been said that, “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” The person who said it is a young girl who looked a monster shark in the face as it bit off her arm. The courage she chooses every day is inspiring.

3 Strategies for Handling Distractions in Competition

Distractions can seem like the enemy of focus – and there seems to be an unending supply of them during sports competitions. Even if external distractions such as noisy fans, bad weather, or a crying baby are limited, athletes still need a way to quiet the internal distractions. These might include anxious thoughts about performance or fear regarding an opponent.

Video: Commit or Quit?

Commitment doesn’t always come naturally, especially when something gets old… when it’s no longer NEW or EASY. So we have to TEACH our kids about commitment and its value.

Performance Anxiety? 3 Helpful Tips for Your Athlete

You can almost hear the wheels of fun come to a screeching halt when a young athlete experiences his/her first performance anxiety. As parents and coaches, we know that the heart-pounding and stomach-churning experience of competition is not a one-time deal.

Video – Growing Grit

Everyone knows about the importance of GRIT for achieving great things, but how do you help your children grow grit. This short video explores two strategies for parents who hope to instill this quality in their children.