This Month's Webinar

Helping Children Manage Stress in Sports
Thursday, March 18 | 9:00pm EST

All athletes endure stress in sports, but why do some children have less, or handle what they have so much better than others? Identify the primary stressors in your child’s life, at school, in sports, and socially. Learn about the hidden resources your children already have available. Discover how to use three strategies for coping with sport-related stress and greatly reduce the side effects of not dealing with stress properly. Your child’s body, mind, and spirit will thank you later!

You will learn how to:
• Identify primary stressors.
• Use effective strategies for coping with stress and reduce the negative effects.
• Gain the necessary skills for embracing stress so as to live a productive, satisfying, and happy life in a complex world.

David will connect the key life skills of the lesson with winning on the field, and in life. The Power Point materials are loaded with practical information worth saving for future reference.

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