Joshua P. Eldridge and David Benzel

David Benzel – founder of Growing Champions for Life – shares his podcasts here on  Each podcast is an interview with new people to get different perspectives on parenting a young athlete.

Joshua P. Eldridge and David Benzel

Joshua P. Eldridge of sits down with David Benzel, sport-family coach and national speaker, to talk about buiding better relationships in your family and specifically with relationships between parents and their child athletes.

Mary Lore

Mary Lore developed the step-by-step process called Managing Thought® and wrote the multiple award-winning book and audio book, also called Managing Thought. Through her interactions with corporate leaders, business and health care professionals, educators, spiritual teachers, parents, and teens, Mary has developed effective tools for improving self-awareness and changing how people think so they can attain true long-lasting success.

In this interview with Mary Lore, author of “Managing Thought”, Mary sheds a new perspective on how athletes and parents can get more of what they want out of sports through a shared commitment to choosing powerful thoughts and words that work.

Jeff Deardorff

Jeff Deardorff distinguished himself throughout his Florida high school baseball career and won a bronze medal playing for Team USA. Drafted into professional baseball after his senior year, Jeff spent six years with the New York Yankees honing his skills and gaining a player’s perspective on the game. Today Jeff serves as a professional scout for the Yankees and contributes his vast knowledge about the game to help parents and athletes go from good to great.

Dom Deluzio

Don Deluzio already had four of his own children immersed in youth sports when he agreed to become the legal guardian of five more children from another family – and all of them played sports!  The circumstances of this unusual situation, and the dynamics of opening his home to a family in need, gave Don a whole new perspective on being a sport parent.  Listen to his interview as he shares the lessons he learned about how to play one of life’s most important roles.