Commitment to Personal Safety: Understanding the Grooming Process

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Commitment to Personal Safety: Understanding the Grooming Process

In today’s world, you as a parent take your child to gymnastics practice and want to have confidence that you have chosen a safe and healthy environment where your child can learn, train, excel and have fun. Thus, a safe gymnastics environment must include a commitment to the personal safety of all participants.

Understanding the Grooming Process: Preventing Inappropriate Behavior and Sexual Misconduct with Children

In most cases of sexual misconduct with children, offenders use a subtle and gradual process known as grooming to put children and their families at ease.

A parent’s guide to selecting youth-serving organizations

Your child is frequently in the care of many different adults. As a parent, you are one of the most important links in the chain of prevention. It’s important that youth serving organizations take proactive measures to prevent child sexual abuse. By stepping up and speaking out to youth serving organizations in your community, you have the power to protect your child and countless others against child sexual abuse.