3 Reasons Why Your Athlete Needs Healthy Boundaries

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3 Reasons Why Your Athlete Needs Healthy Boundaries

By TrueSport
Between school, sports, social activities, and life at home, student-athletes have a lot of responsibilities that are often associated with high expectations and pressure. Knowing how to draw healthy boundaries for themselves is essential to their mental wellbeing and physical health.

Getting More of What You Want as a Leader

If you’re a leader or a parent, you probably have some general idea of what you want for your team or your family. It might be “a productive team,” or “a creative team.” Unfortunately, many people have not thought about these things in detail, but only in general terms. It’s more common that leaders—and parents—identify exactly what they DON’T want.

The 5 Temptations of a Youth Sport Parent (PDF)

By David Benzel
Somewhere between first introducing your child to sports and enthusiastically pursuing team participation, there lies a great temptation that beckons to most parents. It plays out as an internal battle between judging your child’s sports experience or simply enjoying the journey.

What Can Cinderella Teach Your Athlete About Humility? (PDF)

By Michelle Wells, Guest Contributor
Risky as it may be to identify humility in yourself, we all know and recognize when we see it in someone else – and it is hard to ignore. Not to be mistaken for a lack of self-confidence or a wimpiness, humility is a rare but valuable quality that hints at gratitude, assurance, and depth of character.

Are Your Child’s Life Accounts in Balance? (PDF)

By David Benzel
Life accounts can easily get “out of whack,” and at times demand a concerted effort to regain balance. Learning to manage all of the different areas of life is – well – a lifelong journey.

Video: 3 Tips From the Parents of Christian Pulisic

As some parents get more intense about sports, another approach has yielded amazing results.

Teach Your Athlete 3 Truths About Change (PDF)

Change usually happens in one of two ways: 1. You initiate a change or 2. Change is thrust upon you. As you probably guessed, it is a bit easier to accept when you initiate it. Unfortunately, you are not always given that option. The opportunity that you do have, however, is how you respond to change.

Video: 3 Simple Truths From an Olympic Journey

Gwen Jorgenson Olympic journey contains three simple truths that all young athletes can learn from. And she’s not done yet!

5 True, Must-See Movies to Watch with Your Young Athlete

By David Benzel
It’s hard to deny the power of a captivating story, told well. Perhaps, that is why movie nights are such a great pastime and memory maker for so many families. Watching a true story with a compelling message can open a door to a unique teaching moment between parents and their kids.

Athletes Create the Right Resolutions by Answering These 3 Questions (PDF)

by Michelle Wells
For those naysayers who feel that New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail before January is even over, let me suggest that success with resolutions and goal setting has a lot to do with how you go about creating the right ones.