Winning Connections Newsletter – June 2017

Gymnastics & Parenting Articles

Winning Connections Newsletter – June 2017

– A Reason to Cheer – by Wendy Bruce Martin
– Video Feature – The Gift of Optimism

Winning Connections Newsletter – May 2017

– How Do You Talk About Your Child’s Coach?
– Bonus Video Feature: Performance Peaks and Valleys

April 2017 Winning Connections Newsletter

– Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Young Aspiring Athletes
– Video Feature: The End of Defensive Conversations with Your Athlete

March 2017 Winning Connections Newsletter

– This Is Going to Hurt A Bit…And It’s Good For You!
– A Resource to Tap – “101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent” by Joel Fish
– Bonus Video Feature: Not All Praise Is Created Equal

February 2017 Winning Connections Newsletter

– What Does Your Child Imagine for this Life?
– Bonus Video Feature: To Push or Not to Push

January 2017 Winning Connections Newsletter

– Coping with an Illogical World
– Video Feature: A New Definition of Winning

What’s Working in Your Spacecraft?

By David Benzel
The year is coming to an end and it’s common for athletes to take an inventory of what goals have been reached and which aspirations went unfulfilled. In the midst of that reflection it’s very easy to get caught up in a negative mental spiral of what’s not good, not working, weaknesses, and reasons why targets weren’t hit. “If only I had…” and “Why didn’t I do more…” can become the context for every memory of the past twelve months. With that line of questioning depression is sure to follow! There must be a better way to end the year.

Winning Connections Newsletter – December 2016

– Managing Life Accounts Like Checkbooks
– Bonus Video Feature: Hey Dad, What Do You Really Want?

8 Times Parents Should Make Time to Talk Body Safety

Talking to kids about body safety is no ‘one and done’ kind of conversation. Truly effective sexual abuse prevention education requires a change in our culture – how we talk about their growing bodies, what concepts like consent really mean, and being real about how exactly abuse happens.

Winning Connections Newsletter – November 2016

– Is Your Child Fearful or Fearless?
– How Do you React to your Child’s Errors?