Are You a Demanding Parent?

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Are You a Demanding Parent?

If you had to choose between having a child that is “smart” or a child that is “good,” which would you choose? Is it a perplexing question for you? In this context the “smart” option refers to a child’s ability to perform well. The “good” option refers to a child’s ability to behave well. Whichever is more important to you has a lot to do with the messages you send through your parenting style.

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Practicing the Art of Non-Interference

Where is the line separating parental guidance from interference? I wonder if we as parents are able to discern the difference between correcting misguided steps and insisting on “my will be done.” I write about this topic from the position of one who is truly learning the art — not a master of the art — of non-interference. Many times, I tried to force my will upon my defenseless children, always in the name of “father knows best.”

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Why We Have Conflicts and What to Do About It (PDF)

By David Benzel
Fights, quarrels, arguments – whatever you want to call them – we all have them with someone from time to time. Ironically, it’s usually with someone we care about, not some stranger or even an acquaintance! In other words, a family member or close friend is often the recipient of our worst behaviors during a conflict.

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To Push or Not To Push: Three Approaches to Being a Sport Parent (PDF)

Most parents and coaches in the study admitted to the existence of something referred to as “Optimal Push.” However, the majority agreed that it’s a tricky concept. It only works when done right, and there’s a fine line between optimal pushing by a parent and pressuring/over-pushing.

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4 Ways to Say ‘NO’ to Your Children that Make Sense (PDF)

It can be argued that kids need to accept the authority of those in the one-up position in life: parents, teachers, coaches, police officers, etc. I get that. But if all we desire is obedient and dependent kids who don’t exercise any kind of critical thinking, then “Because I said so” works, but only until rebellion kicks in.

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