Winning Connections Newsletter – March 2018

Gymnastics & Parenting Articles

Winning Connections Newsletter – March 2018

– GRIT: The Secret Sauce of Success, If Preceded by Passion
– Bonus Video Feature: Two Faces of Character

5 Parenting Decisions that Expose Your Core Values

We all have a built-in “compass” that offers direction for decision-making. Just as a mechanical compass shows magnetic north, your internal compass reveals your True North Values. These values should be considered whenever you lead family choices. There are five crucial parenting choices observed by your children every day. Are your choices in alignment with your True North Values?

Winning Connections Newsletter – February 2018

– Teach Your Child to Do the Hard Things
– Bonus Video Feature: Prisoner, Settler, Pioneer

Conquering the Fear of Failure

By David Benzel
Fear always comes from negative thoughts. When an athlete chooses to believe in herself, and authors positive affirming thoughts every day in practice, fear is edged out and finds no place to dwell on game day.

Winning Connections Newsletter – January 2018

– What it Takes to Make a Change
– Bonus Video Feature: The ABC’s of Handling Emotions

Are You a Demanding Parent?

If you had to choose between having a child that is “smart” or a child that is “good,” which would you choose? Is it a perplexing question for you? In this context the “smart” option refers to a child’s ability to perform well. The “good” option refers to a child’s ability to behave well. Whichever is more important to you has a lot to do with the messages you send through your parenting style.

Winning Connections Newsletter – December 2017

– 5 Tips to a Better Balance Between School and Sports
– Bonus Video Feature: Solving the Mystery of Motivation

Practicing the Art of Non-Interference

Where is the line separating parental guidance from interference? I wonder if we as parents are able to discern the difference between correcting misguided steps and insisting on “my will be done.” I write about this topic from the position of one who is truly learning the art — not a master of the art — of non-interference. Many times, I tried to force my will upon my defenseless children, always in the name of “father knows best.”

Winning Connections Newsletter – November 2017

– Is Your Child Just Nervous, or Very Afraid?
– Bonus Video Feature: Solving the Mystery of Motivation

Why We Have Conflicts and What to Do About It (PDF)

By David Benzel
Fights, quarrels, arguments – whatever you want to call them – we all have them with someone from time to time. Ironically, it’s usually with someone we care about, not some stranger or even an acquaintance! In other words, a family member or close friend is often the recipient of our worst behaviors during a conflict.