Stress Better: How Parents Can Help Athletes Grow from Stress

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Stress Better: How Parents Can Help Athletes Grow from Stress

By TrueSport
Stress automatically calls to mind negative moments in life: A difficult upcoming test, a fight with a friend or parent, global collective stress like the coronavirus pandemic, or even self-created stress about what others might be thinking. And yes, too much stress and too few resources to combat it can be a bad thing…but allowing kids to entirely avoid it actually does them a disservice.

Why Do Some Athletes Struggle with Body Image?

By TrueSport
Body image issues in athletes can come from a wide variety of sources: certain sports value specific weights and body types more than others, athletes will deal with puberty in different ways, and some student athletes struggle with control in other areas of their lives, which can lead to body image issues and unhealthy behaviors around food and exercise.

All-Day Events: Top 6 Foods to Avoid When You’re In Charge of the Team’s Snacks

By TrueSport
As a parent of a young athlete, you’re likely going to be on snack duty at some point during the season. For some competitions or practices, this will be easier. But for longer days, you may be asked to provide meals or snacks to keep athletes satiated from breakfast to dinner. Here are a few foods to avoid bringing — and what to bring instead.

Is Your Athlete Drinking Enough? 7 Things Sports Parents Need to Know (PDF)

By David Benzel
If proper hydration for your athlete is not HIGH on your radar, then dehydration is a strong possibility. In fact, Dr. Susan Yeargin – an expert at the University of South Carolina – conducted research on this topic and found out something that every youth sports coach and parent needs to know. Up to 75% of young athletes go to practice ALREADY dehydrated.

3 Tips on Building a Powerful College Recruiting Mission Statement

By Tom Kovic
College coaches are brilliant recruiters and look for 3 key components when evaluating prospects.

5 Strategies to Help Your Athlete Manage Performance and Social Anxiety

By TrueSport
Every athlete will likely feel some kind of nerves during practices or in competition. Some athletes thrive under pressure and embrace the nerves, while others will crumple if not bolstered by a supportive coach and team.

Communicating about COVID-19: How to Keep Kids Calm and Accountable

By TrueSport
As a parent during these uncertain and difficult times, the correct way to talk to your kids about COVID-19 might feel like walking a tight rope. How much should you share? How do you talk about school closures? How do you explain the importance of social distancing and CDC guidelines without terrifying them? Essentially, how do you keep kids both calm AND accountable?

6 Ways Parents Can Help Their Athlete Resolve a Coach-Athlete Conflict

By TrueSport
When a young athlete has a conflict with their coach, it’s often hard for parents to know exactly how to handle it. It’s tempting to immediately interfere and email the coach on behalf of your child, but that’s not always the best solution for your growing athlete.

Nutritional Serving Sizes: What You Need to Know

By TrueSport
Young athletes don’t always understand nutrition basics, and the American food landscape has been set up for easy overeating – especially when it comes to less healthy options. As a parent, this environment makes it tricky to teach portion and serving sizes to children. Help educate your child about nutritional serving sizes with these five facts in mind.

A Check List for Parents Considering Gymnastics for Their Child

A CHECK LIST for parents seeking a gymnastic program for their children. Ultimately the child should have an enjoyable and positive learning experience while developing appropriate gymnastic skills.