Help Your Kids Stand Out in a Sea of Siblings (PDF)

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Help Your Kids Stand Out in a Sea of Siblings (PDF)

Playing second fiddle… Being the understudy… Assigned to second string … Low man on the totem pole…
None of these phrases evoke a sense of confidence. In fact, they all imply being second best. Yet this might be how one or more of your kids feel if they are in the shadow of a sibling who is a Rockstar-athlete.

Video: Above and Beyond

At 211 degrees you have hot water. But with the increase of only one degree, you have steam and you can power a locomotive. People often look for shortcuts to success, but consistent incremental increases in an effort are actually what leads to HUGE gains. Going above and beyond in small degrees can make all the difference.

Your Child’s Future Boss is Looking for These 12 Qualities

One area of great benefit is the way in which sports participation can equip your child to be career-ready as an adult. Many of the same qualities that employers are looking for
are traits that good coaches are teaching.

Video: Is Your Athlete Focused on the Journey or an Outcome

The Far-Reaching Impact of Sportsmanship (PDF)

By David Benzel
Although you cannot predict the future for your children, you recognize that the steps you take today can impact that future. In fact, you probably make decisions fairly regularly, that reflect this belief.

Winning Connections Newsletter – August, 2018

– Is Your Child a Gritty Learner
– Bonus Video Feature: “Let’s Do It Anyway!”

Video: The Potency of Positivity

3 Important Elements for Teaching Self-Respect (PDF)

If I told you that you just won the “parent lotto” and could “gift” your child athlete with any one quality, what do you think it would be? Make sure to choose wisely! But before you do, remember that you want this gift to equip them to face the many challenges that life will bring – well beyond school and sports.

Winning Connections Newsletter – July 2018

– The Stories We Tell Ourselves
– Bonus Video Feature: Coach Swagger More Than Swing

Video: Raising Coachable Kids

Being coachable is a huge advantage for a young athlete, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Parents can play a role in shaping a coachable spirit in their children, and it sets them up for learning throughout life. Here are some three tips for the journey.