Winning Connections Newsletter – Dec. 2014

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Winning Connections Newsletter – Dec. 2014

– The Research is Clear About What Matters Most
– Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time

Caveman Conversations – How to Avoid Fight or Flight When Talking to Your Child

By David Benzel
When conversations get ugly one or more family members have chosen to head toward fight or flight – battle or retreat – both verbally and sometimes physically. Neither one of these alternatives will give you the most important outcome you ultimately desire with your child…trust and closeness.

Winning Connections Newsletter – Nov. 2014

– Top 10 Books for Sport Parents and Coaches
– A Resource to Tap: Cool Runnings the movie
– Swim Clubs in Virginia Host Parent Workshops with David Benzel

Is It Too Late to Make it Right with My Child?

By David Benzel
Here’s the inevitable question I hear from parents when they realize they’ve been over-bearing
and critical: “Is it too late for me to do this right?” The answer is “No”. It’s never too late, but it
does require some humility to make a believer out of your child.

Winning Connections Newsletter – Oct. 2014

What Does Life Feel Like in Your Family?
LEGACY – 15 Lessons in Leadership – By James Kerr

Winning Connections Newsletter – Sept. 2014

– Are You Leading a Spirited Family?
– “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn” by John Maxwell
– 24 Situations Sport Parents Face and How to Handle Them

Does Your Support Have Strings Attached?

By David Benzel
Is it justifiable for us to expect a ROI (return on investment) from our support of our child’s athletic endeavors? Is it fair for us to treat a child’s sport performance in the same way we treat a stock on the New York Stock Exchange? Something about that doesn’t seem right, in spite of the fact that our investment can be significant.

Winning Connections Newsletter – Aug. 2014

Better Than Perfect – by Julie Learner
A Resource to Tap: “Before Happiness”
Help Your Child Learn Skills Faster

Winning Connections Newsletter – July 2014

Have You Taught Your Child to Learn?
A Movie to Watch: “The Blind Side”
From Chump to Champ – How Individuals Go From Good to Great
Special Olympics Florida Hosts Growing Champions for Life

Family Traditions Create Great Memories

By David Benzel
One of the cornerstones of family culture is the traditions you embrace and honor throughout the year. These traditions build strong connections between family members and promote a sense of belonging to this special group of people. Children find security and safety in an environment that consistently provides positive and predictable experiences.