Understanding the Grooming Process: Preventing Inappropriate Behavior and Sexual Misconduct with Children

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Understanding the Grooming Process: Preventing Inappropriate Behavior and Sexual Misconduct with Children

In most cases of sexual misconduct with children, offenders use a subtle and gradual process known as grooming to put children and their families at ease.

Which Sport Parent Are You?

By David Benzel
Parenting behaviors communicate so many important messages to children. Many of these messages answer crucial questions for a child about his or her identity. As your children wonder, “Who am I?” they interpret the answer from the message you send with the demeanor of your actions and the selection of your words.

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A parent’s guide to selecting youth-serving organizations

Your child is frequently in the care of many different adults. As a parent, you are one of the most important links in the chain of prevention. It’s important that youth serving organizations take proactive measures to prevent child sexual abuse. By stepping up and speaking out to youth serving organizations in your community, you have the power to protect your child and countless others against child sexual abuse.

To Push or Not To Push – Three Approaches to Being a Sport Parent

By David Benzel
Most parents and coaches in a study admitted to the existence of something referred to as “Optimal Push.” However the majority agreed that it’s a tricky concept. It only works when done right, and there’s a fine line between optimal pushing by a parent and pressuring/over-pushing.

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The Three Most Effective Words a Parent Can Say

By David Benzel
Listening is an art and a skill. It requires discipline and focused attention. When you give the gift of silence, you allow children the chance to think and process their thoughts. The time required to do this varies tremendously, depending on whom you’re talking to. When it comes to sharing thoughts and feelings about an event, there are two very different types of personalities. In both cases, the “tell-me-more” approach works well, but the timing needs to be different.

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Leveraging Your Child’s Learning Style

By David Benzel
The ability to learn, whether in school or in sports, is the most fundamental activity to making progress in any area. It’s been said the real reason we go to school is not to learn English, Math, and Science, but to learn how to learn so we can apply that skill to English, Math, and Science. Once we learn how to learn the whole world opens to us.

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