Your Body Language Never Lies

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Your Body Language Never Lies

By David Benzel
As parents we’re communicating every single second of every single day. Mouth open or mouth closed, the message is getting out. Your attitude about your child and her play, your sense of admiration…or not, and what you think about her efforts is transmitted in subtle ways for her – and everyone else – to read.

Winning Connections Newsletter – June 2015

– Are Your Child’s Life Accounts in Balance?
– David Benzel Featured Speaker at PSA Conference

How to Improve Your Hero Style

By David Benzel
This article addresses the specific tendencies that keep you from a higher Hero score. It will provide you with practical suggestions for becoming a Hero-Parent to your child.

Winning Connections Newsletter – May 2015

– What’s My Child Doing Wrong?
– True Hero Inner Circle
– Meet a GCFL True Hero Track Partner

Winning Connections Newsletter – April 2015

– Message from David: The Impact of Sacrifice
– The Sports Gene – by David Epstein
– Sport Parent Approach – Assessment and Course
– Meet a GCFL True Hero Track Partner: Utah Olympic Park (UOP)

The Five Temptations of Youth Sport-Parents

By David Benzel
The five most common temptations parents face as they navigate the deceptively dangerous waters of youth sports.

Winning Connections Newsletter – March 2015

– Your Villain Becomes Your Child’s Villain
– Rich on Paper, Poor on Life by Philip McKernan
– Sport Parent Quiz
– Meet a GCFL True Hero Track Partner

Winning Connections Newsletter – Feb. 2015

– Restore Calm to the Family Storm
– Resource: “The Five Love Languages of Teenagers” by Gary Chapman
– Coaching Revolution
– Meet a GCFL True Hero Track Partner: Legacy Gymnastics Center

Are You a Mentor?

By David Benzel
Some words are often tossed about as if they are interchangeable, like teacher, trainer, instructor, tutor, etc. However there are two words that should never be treated as synonyms: “mentor” and “coach”.

Getting What You Want as a Parent or Coach

By David Benzel
Whether you’re a parent or a coach, you probably have some general idea of what you want for your family or your team. It might be “a happy family”, or “a winning team.” Unfortunately many people have not thought about these things in detail, but only in general terms.