Healthy Snacks to Pack for a Meet

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Healthy Snacks to Pack for a Meet

Buying and preparing any of these snacks will be less expensive than a fast food meal or ice cream treats! Feed your athlete’s body what it needs!

Three Plays for a Healthy Team

There are 3 simple things you can do during practices and games to keep youth athletes healthy and performing their best!

Healthy Fuel for Healthy Athletes

Tips on eating and drinking before, during and after workouts.

The Best Sports Drink for Athletes

Five ways water wins.

Gymnastics Brains Under Construction

Any time a child participates in activities that require moving large muscles and the compression of joints, this is referred to as heavy work. Heavy work is a term
used in the therapy world to describe the types of activities that help focus the brain.

Handling Adversity: Prisoner, Settler, or Pioneer?

By David Benzel
It appears that people come in three flavors when it comes to facing adversity, and these responses explain the varying degrees of success we witness in ourselves and our children. There are Prisoners, Settlers, and Pioneers.

What is Sever’s Disease (Heel Pain) in Gymnasts?

By Joshua Eldridge
Heel pain in gymnasts (and other young athletes) is a real, sometimes mysterious (for parents and providers), and serious problem.

How to Recover Swagger

By David Benzel
Confidence is a fragile commodity for young athletes, and it seems to be especially fragile for young female athletes. Recovering personal swagger requires that an athlete first identify the basis for the swagger that’s now lost.

Mentally Strong Tips for Pre-Meet and Practice

Mental toughness is especially important in sports like gymnastics – where there is time in between routines and rotations for the competitors to think about their actions. Here are some tips to build and maintain a mental edge from Dr. Chris Carr, sport and performance psychologist at St. Vincent Sports Performance.

Want to Become a Better Gymnast? Train Your Core

By Joshua P. Eldridge –