College Scholarships and the Recruitment Process

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College Scholarships and the Recruitment Process

By Jeff Thompson
So, you want to be a college gymnast but you don’t actually have any idea what it will take to get there? Here are a few things the college coaches want you to know.

5 Tips in Developing Your Unique Brand as a Prospective Student-Athlete

By Tom Kovic
The college search for athletes is an “individual” quest. A winning strategy for one prospect could be a losing strategy for another. I think we can all agree that when it comes to recruiting, the “blue chip” kids are going to be found…It’s just a matter of when. That aside, the majority of the prospects navigating the college search are NOT blue chip kids and should execute a personal plan of attack that includes “grey areas” of recruiting.

NCAA Academic Eligibility Standards Change

Periodically, the NCAA amends and updates rules and regulations to keep prospects and families on the cutting edge of information as it pertains to college recruiting. Click for a snapshot of important legislation that was recently passed that will directly affect freshman college eligibility.

5 Simple Tips to Maintain Focus in College Recruiting

By Tom Kovic
The college search for athletes is an individual and tactical quest that will play out differently across the board. If you happen to be that 5 star prospect that every college coach has his eye on, your biggest challenge will likely be which college to choose! But if you are among the majority of prospects that are lumped into the next level of recruits, your college journey will be a little more challenging.

Prospective Student-Athlete Exposure: Building the Personal Profile

Developing the talent to be a gifted athlete is a blessing, but opening up this talent and grabbing the attention of college coaches takes skill, planning and commitment.

College Athletics Recruiting: The Verbal Offer

By Tom Kovic
Tom shares his personal thoughts on what has become a popular recruiting strategy that is used by prospects and college coaches alike.

100 Days to Maximize your College Recruiting Effort

By Tom Kovic
The summer can be organized and utilized in several ways to grow awareness and momentum in your recruiting effort and the prospect that looks at the next 100 days as pure opportunity will greatly enhance the athletic college search.

College Athletics Recruiting: The Initial Assessment

By Tom Kovic
Organization is an important component in the college search for athletes and completing a college bound assessment for what you would like to achieve is a great way to start!

Networking Tools That Advance the College Search for Prospective College Athletes

Video Tips on Strategically Showcasing College Prospective Student-Athlete

By Tom Kovic
Developing an effective and streamlined recruiting video that makes the job of skill evaluation by a college coach an easy one, is the first step in showcasing a prospect effectively.