3 Key Tips to Maximizing College Recruiting Interviews

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3 Key Tips to Maximizing College Recruiting Interviews

There is a laundry list of tasks on the college recruiting checklist that requires attention. College recruiting interviews is vital for two reasons. Firstly, as a means of creating a stronger interpersonal connection between prospect and coach. Secondly, as an opportunity for both sides to size each other up. This article offers 3 Critical Tips to Maximizing College Recruiting Interviews with college coaches.

College Recruiting: The NCAA Dead Period

By Tom Kovic
Families and prospective student-athletes who have a firm grip on NCAA recruiting rules will run into fewer roadblocks while navigating the college quest. The NCAA manual is a comprehensive resource, and sometimes difficult to comprehend and navigate. Let’s take a “cliff notes” approach to the NCAA Dead Period.

College Athletics Recruiting and Navigating Financial Aid

Financial aid is an essential component for many families to consider as they move forward in the college athletics recruiting process. College costs continue to increase, and the family that makes a concerted effort in developing financial aid planning as part of their overall college recruiting plan will have a greater chance of gaining a manageable package.

Summer Tips for the Prospective Student-Athlete

Many believe summer is a time where college coaches switch to lower gears. The regular season is complete, and the student-athletes have headed home for a well-deserved break. Nothing can be further from the truth! Opportunity is eminently knocking, and summertime is a prime season for recruiting.

College Athletic Recruiting 101: The Basics

By Tom Kovic
The college athletic recruiting process can be both exhilarating and potentially daunting. A well-organized “team effort,” executed with dedication and enthusiasm from start to finish will serve you best.

Athletes Should Look For “Fit” Beyond Sports When Being Recruited (Video)

College Athletic Recruiting: The Championship Portion of the Season

Effective communication between prospective student-athletes and college coaches can be a critical component in the final analysis of the college athletic recruiting search for high school athletes. That being the case, prospects should ramp up their effort during the championship portion of the season to weld the coach-prospect relationship strongly.

Post NLI/Early Admissions Communication with College Coaches

By Tom Kovic
The National Letter of Intent signing period and Early Admissions application deadline has recently passed and with that, college recruiting can easily move to a pause mode if left unchecked. There is a natural sport transition where currently, fall athletes are wrapping up their seasons, the winter season is just beginning to gain steam and spring prospects are in core training and pre-season mode.

Considerations in Building a Powerful College Recruiting Mission Statement

By Tom Kovic
College coaches are brilliant recruiters and look for 3 key components when evaluating prospects. Firstly, they look for strong students who meet and exceed academic eligibility and admission standards. Secondly they are looking for direct impact athletes who thrive at their position and will drive the team to higher levels. Finally, they desire self-aware young men and women who bring a strong character component to the table.

Deciphering Codes of Communication in College Recruiting

By Tom Kovic
Effective communication between prospects and college coaches can be a critical component in the final choice in the college search for high school athletes. That being the case, communication is truly an art and college coaches are masters in providing prospects and families with valuable information, yet in very subtle and non-committing formats.