College Recruiting During Adverse Times

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College Recruiting During Adverse Times

By Tom Kovic
True champions are measured by how they respond when their backs are in the corner. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we all face seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead. This article offers hope and clarity to prospects and families to advance college recruiting during adverse times.

The Club Coach: A Powerful Ally for the College Prospect

By Tom Kovic
The college recruiting process can be exhilarating and uplifting, especially when your plan is working on all cylinders. Consequently, the best-executed projects can run into roadblocks or even stall completely. Embracing the club coach as a powerful ally for the college prospect is an essential component of college recruiting.

College Recruiting: Laying a Strong Foundation

By Tom Kovic
The college experience is, in many cases, the most important four years in our children’s lives. Realizing the potential leverage families have in the college recruiting process, will develop increased confidence and clarity as the college quest unfolds. Then, laying a strong foundation with college recruiting will provide prospects and families with clear direction moving forward.

The Role of Parents in College Recruiting

By Tom Kovic
College recruiting is complicated and has grown increasingly competitive. There is a lot that goes into developing and executing a successful plan of action, and the role of parents in college recruiting is a critical piece of the puzzle.

Junior Days and College Recruiting

If you are a junior prospect, you should launch your college search with earnest. Between the multitude of recruiting events you have attended, and the evaluation information you have forwarded to college coaches, you are well on your way. What follows is a snapshot of junior days and building this component into your college recruiting plan.

College Coaches: 3 Evaluation Operatives

By Tom Kovic
Recruiting is essential for every college coach, and the aim is simple. Fill position gaps on the team with stronger talent than the year before. Therefore, most college coaches have identified 3 evaluation operatives to reach that end.

College Recruiting: Heading Down the Homestretch

The college search for athletes is an enduring process with a definite starting and ending point. Just like a well-run race, the successful student-athlete will remain focused until she breaks the tape. Click for some simple tips to consider when heading down the homestretch in the college recruiting process.

NCAA Academic Eligibility Standards

Periodically, the NCAA amends and updates rules and regulations to keep prospects and families on the cutting edge of college recruiting. Click for a snapshot of relevant legislation about NCAA Academic Eligibility Standards.

The Prospective Student-Athlete: College Camps

Summer is here, and for every prospective student-athlete that is attempting to match her talent with the right college program, opportunity approaches. Attending college camps is one such opportunity and maximizing this experience will position yourself well in college recruiting.

100 Days to Maximize College Recruiting

With summer on the horizon and the end of the academic year fast approaching, high school prospects have every opportunity to get a well-deserved breather. Taking time to relax a little after a demanding school year and a rigorous training schedule creates “new life.”