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What Can Cinderella Teach Your Athlete About Humility? (PDF)

By Michelle Wells, Guest Contributor
Risky as it may be to identify humility in yourself, we all know and recognize when we see it in someone else – and it is hard to ignore. Not to be mistaken for a lack of self-confidence or a wimpiness, humility is a rare but valuable quality that hints at gratitude, assurance, and depth of character.

Video: Caroline Wozniacki – A Formula for Success

In addition to the usual strategies for success used by top professional athletes, Caroline Wozniacki has used three specific concepts to escalate herself to the top of women’s tennis.

Are Your Child’s Life Accounts in Balance? (PDF)

By David Benzel
Life accounts can easily get “out of whack,” and at times demand a concerted effort to regain balance. Learning to manage all of the different areas of life is – well – a lifelong journey.

Video: 3 Tips From the Parents of Christian Pulisic

As some parents get more intense about sports, another approach has yielded amazing results.

College Prospects: How to Separate Yourself

College prospects need to work strategically harder to get the attention of college coaches. Furthermore, student-athletes need to separate themselves from the high volume of prospective student-athletes that are competing for similar roster spots.