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Recent Articles

What Your Child Needs to Succeed (PDF)

There’s an illusion being promoted in our American sports culture that what kids need to be successful is the best equipment, the best facilities, the best coaches, the best
program, and if possible, the best climate. In addition, kids need victories and the accompanying hardware – medals, ribbons, and trophies. I would like to propose that while all those things are nice to have, they are wants, not needs.

Winning Connections Newsletter – June 2017

– A Reason to Cheer – by Wendy Bruce Martin
– Video Feature – The Gift of Optimism

Mastering the 5 Cornerstones of Athletic Improvement Part V – Stay on Your Path (PDF)

The journey you have chosen requires you to blaze a trail, or follow in the steps of others who
have gone before you. Either way you must stay on your chosen path in spite of the various
forks and tributaries that might cause you to stray.

Winning Connections Newsletter – May 2017

– How Do You Talk About Your Child’s Coach?
– Bonus Video Feature: Performance Peaks and Valleys

Mastering the 5 Cornerstones of Athletic Improvement Part IV – Manage Your Thoughts (PDF)

You are not your mind. Your brain is capable of spitting out 60,000 thoughts a day with lightning fast speed, but that’s not who you are. Thoughts come to you faster than you can choose them sometimes, and that means some of them do not actually serve you well.