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The Do’s and Don’ts of Flavor-Enhanced Water

By TrueSport
Flavored water might seem like a simple, healthy choice to pick when compared to soda, juice, and carbohydrate-loaded sports drinks. But flavored water, which shouldn’t be confused with sparkling water, carbonated water, or water with fruit essence, from your local convenience store or made from a powder at home might not be the healthiest pick for your young athlete.

5 Quick and Easy Snacks to Sustain Your Athlete’s Energy

By TrueSport
Teaching your young athlete what healthy snacks look like – and ditching that reliance on fast food or ultra-processed snacks – isn’t just important for their athletic endeavors, it also impacts their overall health.

6 Things to Know About Electrolytes for Youth Athlete

By TrueSport
Deciding when to use a sports drink, electrolyte-infused water, or plain water is important to your athlete’s performance, but it can also be confusing.

College Recruiting During Adverse Times

By Tom Kovic
True champions are measured by how they respond when their backs are in the corner. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we all face seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead. This article offers hope and clarity to prospects and families to advance college recruiting during adverse times.

Why Do Some Athletes Struggle with Body Image?

By TrueSport
Body image issues in athletes can come from a wide variety of sources: certain sports value specific weights and body types more than others, athletes will deal with puberty in different ways, and some student athletes struggle with control in other areas of their lives, which can lead to body image issues and unhealthy behaviors around food and exercise.