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College Recruiting Simplified

By Tom Kovic
Every prospect has an ideal college experience waiting for him or her and identifying essential operatives that define your personal goal is half the battle. Self-awareness is a powerful recruiting tool. Furthermore, growing an appreciation for what potentially appeals to you in college is a great place to start.

Top Nutrition Tips to Help Heal a Sports Injury

By TrueSport
When your athlete is recovering from a sports injury that’s keeping them from taking part in practice and play, proper nutrition becomes more critical than ever. Eating well during this time can speed up healing and a return to play, while overindulging in junk food can actually set recovery back.

How to Implement Intrinsic Foot Strengthening for Young Athletes

By TrueSport
You’ve likely never considered adding ‘stronger feet’ to your list of what makes an athlete great. “We talk a lot about how important it is for a young athlete to be strong,” says Dr. Michele LaBotz, TrueSport Expert and sports medicine physician. “But we almost always ignore feet.”

Youth Sports: How to Deal with Anxiety Around Return to Play

By TrueSport
As young athletes return to practice after being away from friends and coaches for months due to COVID-19 lockdowns, athlete anxiety will be natural. Not only are there new safety protocols in place that may seem confusing or intimidating, it’s a big shift emotionally as well.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Flavor-Enhanced Water

By TrueSport
Flavored water might seem like a simple, healthy choice to pick when compared to soda, juice, and carbohydrate-loaded sports drinks. But flavored water, which shouldn’t be confused with sparkling water, carbonated water, or water with fruit essence, from your local convenience store or made from a powder at home might not be the healthiest pick for your young athlete.