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Athletes Create the Right Resolutions by Answering These 3 Questions (PDF)

by Michelle Wells
For those naysayers who feel that New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail before January is even over, let me suggest that success with resolutions and goal setting has a lot to do with how you go about creating the right ones.

Video: 3 Tips for Teaching Courage

In her book, “Courage to Soar” Simone says, “You might be blessed with some talent but in order to reach your goals you have to have the courage to go after them.” So, let’s talk about 3 ways you can help your athlete learn to be courageous.

Is Your Athlete Seeing the Big Picture or Riding an Emotional Roller Coaster? (PDF)

By David Benzel
On a list of factors that impact the youth sports experience, perspective is at the top. How you and your young athlete view victories, challenges, and losses determine whether or not it feels like a roller coaster or a smooth sailing vessel.

Video: 3 Voices of Fear Fixed with 1 Question of Courage

It’s been said that, “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” The person who said it is a young girl who looked a monster shark in the face as it bit off her arm. The courage she chooses every day is inspiring.

College Recruiting: The NCAA Dead Period

By Tom Kovic
Families and prospective student-athletes who have a firm grip on NCAA recruiting rules will run into fewer roadblocks while navigating the college quest. The NCAA manual is a comprehensive resource, and sometimes difficult to comprehend and navigate. Let’s take a “cliff notes” approach to the NCAA Dead Period.