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Supplement Series Part One: What is a Supplement?

By TrueSport
Many athletes believe they need dietary supplements to perform at their best, but what do you think? Is this trust deserved? While it’s true that some supplements can be helpful in some circumstances, often, the benefits and safety of supplements are overestimated.

How to Regulate and Manage ALL Emotions

By TrueSport
As the parent of a young athlete, you’re probably used to seeing a whole range of emotions, from wild joy to intense anger to devastating sadness. While it’s tempting to try to help your athlete ditch the anger and sadness, it’s actually more important that you let your athlete experience, understand, and move through their range of emotions.

5 Healthy and Easy Meals Made with Chicken

By TrueSport
Chicken is a meal-prep staple for a reason. It’s easy to prepare in bulk and it’s basically a blank slate when it comes to how you want to prepare or season it. You can shift from Taco Tuesday to an Italian-style dish to a curry with the same batch of chicken breasts, so you skip food boredom while making life in the kitchen a lot simpler.

4 Questions to Help Change a Young Athlete’s Negative Thought Process

By TrueSport
As a coach for young athletes, whether they’re in elementary school or high school, you’re going to deal with the emotional rollercoasters that young people experience. A fight with a friend over the weekend can translate to feelings of despair on game day, and stress over a championship game can leave an athlete feeling paralyzed.

Coaching Language Builds Up or Tears Down – What’s the Impact of Your Message? (PDF)

By David Benzel
Every coach has the challenge of working with athletes of varying talents and different work ethics, but one thing is true across the board – the coaching message needs to be positive.