USA Gymnastics has gathered lots of articles on a variety of topics to help parents get all the information they need about both the sport of gymnastics and having a child involved in the sport.  View the most recent articles below or use the links to view all articles within a given category.

Recent Articles

SafeSport Parent Courses and Toolkits

The U.S. Center for Safe Sport has created a SafeSport Parent educational materials that provide important training about the nature of misconduct in sport and gives parents actionable information to better protect athletes.

College Athletic Recruiting 101: The Basics

By Tom Kovic
The college athletic recruiting process can be both exhilarating and potentially daunting. A well-organized “team effort,” executed with dedication and enthusiasm from start to finish will serve you best.

5 Tips to a Better Balance Between School and Sports (PDF)

By Michelle Wells
Families that invest their time and energy in sports are probably already convinced of the value that kids receive from sports participation. However, the challenges of juggling several full schedules are still overwhelming at best and can exact a hefty toll on the family dynamics.

Resolving Conflicts (Video)

Most adults find conflict uncomfortable, and so do their children. But what if you could teach your children a variety of strategies for handling conflict more constructively. This video covers the options, and which ones to use at in various circumstances.

Athletes Should Look For “Fit” Beyond Sports When Being Recruited (Video)