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3 Tasty Meals to Support Muscle Growth

By TrueSport
When you think of muscle growth and the nutrients required, protein is probably the first nutrient that comes to mind. But there’s more to growing strong muscles than simply eating a lot of protein. With young athletes in particular, there are a few important things to keep in mind if you’re trying to help them boost muscle mass or even simply maintain it.

How to Establish Healthy Team Rituals in Sport

Rituals can have a positive, healthy effect on any athletic team when they’re created thoughtfully. But when rituals are left in place without consideration year after year, they can also have a negative impact on a team’s culture.

Five Healthy Whole Foods for Quick Protein on the Go

By TrueSport
It can be difficult to ensure that your young athlete is getting enough protein—especially when they are leaving early in the morning for practice before school and staying late for a second practice or other extracurricular activity.

The Power of Pause: Why and How to Take Breaks in Sport

By TrueSport
Does your young athlete need a break from their sport? As a parent, it can be hard to spot the signs that your athlete needs to take a season (or even just a few weeks) off from competition and training.

Is there more to leadership than popularity?

By TrueSport
If you have ever volunteered or been elected captain of your team, you likely already know that leadership does not just mean being the most well-liked or popular person on the roster. Leadership, even if your primary job is simply moving your team through warmup drills, is about much more than if your teammates like you.