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How to Raise Upstanders (Instead of Bystanders)

By TrueSport
As young athletes navigate through adolescence, they may run into situations that challenge their moral compass. Whether your athlete is faced with an ethical dilemma in school, in sport, or in the community, doing the right thing is important – no matter who is watching.

Trauma-Informed Approach: What Drives Bullying Behaviors?

By TrueSport
When it comes to dealing with misbehavior on your team, it can be tempting to label kids as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and ‘bullies’ or ‘victims.’ But rarely is real life that simple, and more often than not, bullying behaviors are driven by a need that a child has that’s not being met.

Top 5 Foods to Boost Your Athlete’s Mood

By TrueSport
If your young athletes seem moody, there are hundreds of potential causes, from stress at school to pre-game nerves to a fight with a friend. One way to help boost your athlete’s mood naturally—no supplements required—is through diet.

How to Cultivate Empathy and Tolerance in Young Athletes (PDF)

By David Benzel
Character development is arguably one of the greatest benefits your kids can gain from playing sports. Thanks to exposure to new challenges, opportunities, coaches, and teammates, character traits that may not have come up at home are brought to light during sports participation.

VIDEO – The Easiest Parenting Mistake to Correct

Many families experience a sport’s worst moments during the car ride home after a competition. However, this just might be one of the easiest situations to remedy.