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Would a Mentor Put Your Athlete on the Fast Track? (PDF)

By David Benzel
If you are a sports Mom or Dad trying to set your athlete up for success, you might have pondered these questions. In fact, wondering if you are “doing all that you can,” is par for the course.

Video: How Confidence is Lost and Found

Your child’s swagger is based on specific beliefs. You can help build self-confidence if you’re reinforcing real progress. All praise should be specific, pointing out a behavior you truly believe is worthy of reinforcing. It’s important not to make up stuff.

Regulating Anger On and Off the Field

When it comes to youth sports, we’ve all seen the shocking videos of parents letting their emotions fuel violent outbursts against other parents, coaches, and even young officials. But what if that angry outburst comes from one of the athletes on the field? How would you as a coach or parent help your athlete manage that outrage?

Is Organic Worth It: 7 Things to Know About Buying Organic

If you’ve been wondering if you should start feeding your growing athlete an organic diet, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. There are certain reasons that an organic diet may be healthier, but eating more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins in general is perhaps even more important.

How to Fuel for Two-a-Day Practices

It’s no secret that many young athletes are over-extended, often playing on school and club teams in one or more sports, traveling for competitions, and squeezing in conditioning sessions. Two-a-day practices have become the norm for many athletes.