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When to Say Yes to Your Kid Quitting the Team

By TrueSport
This last Games cycle has taught many athletes and coaches the importance of prioritizing mental health as much as we prioritize physical health in sport. And for some athletes, that may mean sitting out major competitions — as gymnast Simone Biles elected to do in the Tokyo 2020 Games — and it could even mean quitting a team altogether.

6 Ways to Give the Gift of Sport on a Budget

By TrueSport
Youth sports may seem expensive, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Between team fees, extra lessons, and all the gear needed for a growing athlete, it adds up fast. And with the holidays coming, the list of sports-themed needs and wants is likely getting longer and longer. But sports don’t need to be exclusive to families with money to spare: You can give the gift of sport on a budget.

TrueSport Ambassadors on the Life-Changing Power of Sport

By TrueSport
Even from a young age, the sports children play and the teams they join can shape them into the adults that they will become. Here, three TrueSport Ambassadors are sharing how sport has changed their lives, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally.

How to Help Your Athlete Eat for Brain Health

By TrueSport
When your young athlete eats, they’re not just fueling their bodies: Their brains are also using food for fuel. And it might come as a surprise, but the brain uses around 20 percent of the body’s energy, making it the hungriest organ.

How to Manage Expectations: This Experience Belongs to your Child

Parents and coaches play such a key role in a child’s development and enjoyment of their sports experience. Children’s’ top reason for playing sports is to have fun. As coaches and parents, we must do our part and prioritize the enjoyment to be had in sports.