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College Athletics Recruiting and Navigating Financial Aid

Financial aid is an essential component for many families to consider as they move forward in the college athletics recruiting process. College costs continue to increase, and the family that makes a concerted effort in developing financial aid planning as part of their overall college recruiting plan will have a greater chance of gaining a manageable package.

3 Strategies for Handling Distractions in Competition

Distractions can seem like the enemy of focus – and there seems to be an unending supply of them during sports competitions. Even if external distractions such as noisy fans, bad weather, or a crying baby are limited, athletes still need a way to quiet the internal distractions. These might include anxious thoughts about performance or fear regarding an opponent.

Video: Commit or Quit?

Commitment doesn’t always come naturally, especially when something gets old… when it’s no longer NEW or EASY. So we have to TEACH our kids about commitment and its value.

Your Child’s Future Boss is Looking for These 12 Qualities

One area of great benefit is the way in which sports participation can equip your child to be career-ready as an adult. Many of the same qualities that employers are looking for
are traits that good coaches are teaching.

Video: Is Your Athlete Focused on the Journey or an Outcome