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Mastering the 5 Cornerstones of Athletic Improvement Part IV – Manage Your Thoughts (PDF)

You are not your mind. Your brain is capable of spitting out 60,000 thoughts a day with lightning fast speed, but that’s not who you are. Thoughts come to you faster than you can choose them sometimes, and that means some of them do not actually serve you well.

April 2017 Winning Connections Newsletter

– Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Young Aspiring Athletes
– Video Feature: The End of Defensive Conversations with Your Athlete

Mastering the 5 Cornerstones of Athletic Improvement Part III – Stick to It (PDF)

“Adversity has a way of eliciting strengths that in normal times would otherwise lay dormant.” This quote suggests there is a redeeming value to facing obstacles, setbacks, and adversity. It’s normal to “boo-hoo” at first when calamity strikes, but the sooner you can see adversity as an opportunity – instead of a threat – the faster you will capitalize on its fruits. Every adversity your encounter has benefits of great value, and the lessons hidden in each struggle will make you stronger when you Stick to It.

March 2017 Winning Connections Newsletter

– This Is Going to Hurt A Bit…And It’s Good For You!
– A Resource to Tap – “101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent” by Joel Fish
– Bonus Video Feature: Not All Praise Is Created Equal

Mastering the 5 Cornerstones of Athletic Improvement Part II – Be Coachable (PDF)

“When the student is ready, the master will appear.” This familiar quote uses the word “ready” to describe the state of mind of a coachable student. Your attitude toward being coached is the most critical factor in being able to take advantage of new information. It doesn’t matter how revolutionary the coaching might be if the student is not open or receptive to being influenced by a coach. You must find the sweet spot between confident in what you DO know and humble about what you DON’T know at the same time.