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5 Important Steps for College Athletics Recruiting

By Tom Kovic
The college experience will be some of the most critical years in our children’s lives. Realizing the potential leverage families and prospective student-athletes have in the college recruiting process will develop increased confidence and clarity as the college quest unfolds.

Video: Did You Win? Did You Lose? Those Are The Wrong Questions For Parents To Ask

By Positive Coaching Alliance
PCA National Advisory Board Member Carol Dweck talks about the importance of having a growth mindset instead of focusing on comparing your youth athlete to the other kids and putting pressure on them to be better than everyone else.

Coach-Parent Partnership

By Positive Coaching Alliance
Following are guidelines for how sports parents can contribute to a Coach-Parent Partnership that benefits youth athletes.

The Second-Goal Parent

By Positive Coaching Alliance
A Second-Goal Parent recognizes that there is a Little Picture and a Big Picture in youth sports. The Little Picture concerns things like whether the child is playing the right position, the team is winning, etc. The Big Picture, which often gets drowned out by the Little Pictures, is about what the child is learning from youth sports.

Video: Sports Parents Need To Address Kids Needs, Not The Other Way Around

By Positive Coaching Alliance
AJ Johnson discusses the role that parents play in the student-athlete experience. As a sports parent himself, Johnson’s biggest frustration with other sports parents is putting added pressure on to a kid when it’s time for their kid to compete