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College Coaches: 3 Evaluation Operatives

By Tom Kovic
Recruiting is essential for every college coach, and the aim is simple. Fill position gaps on the team with stronger talent than the year before. Therefore, most college coaches have identified 3 evaluation operatives to reach that end.

How Do You Handle Adversity (PDF)

There are generally three camps of people when it comes to facing adversity. And the different responses can help
to explain the varying degrees of success experienced. There are Prisoners, Settlers, and Pioneers.

Getting More of What You Want as a Leader

If you’re a leader or a parent, you probably have some general idea of what you want for your team or your family. It might be “a productive team,” or “a creative team.” Unfortunately, many people have not thought about these things in detail, but only in general terms. It’s more common that leaders—and parents—identify exactly what they DON’T want.

College Recruiting: Heading Down the Homestretch

The college search for athletes is an enduring process with a definite starting and ending point. Just like a well-run race, the successful student-athlete will remain focused until she breaks the tape. Click for some simple tips to consider when heading down the homestretch in the college recruiting process.

NCAA Academic Eligibility Standards

Periodically, the NCAA amends and updates rules and regulations to keep prospects and families on the cutting edge of college recruiting. Click for a snapshot of relevant legislation about NCAA Academic Eligibility Standards.