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6 Simple Reasons Why Athletes Fail to Meet Their Goals

By TrueSport
If your young athlete tends to lose focus partway through a season or fails to achieve their goals by the end of the season, they aren’t alone. Setting and achieving suitable goals isn’t an easy task, especially for kids who are also dealing with the expectations of the adults around them.

Dairy Alternatives: Are Your Athletes Getting Nutrients?

By TrueSport
If your athletes are sipping on chocolate soy milk or splashing almond milk into their cereal before meets, you might be surprised to learn that these popular dairy alternatives are missing some key nutrients that are typically found in the more classic dairy options.

How To Set Athletic Goals in Uncertain Times

By TrueSport
Despite canceled or modified sport seasons, your athletes still need goals to stay motivated so that they can come back stronger and better than ever when sports return. In fact, goals are critical to a healthy mindset and can help keep kids on track during this tough time.

Closing Out The College Recruiting Year

By Tom Kovic
College prospective student-athletes now face unique challenges to maximize the college recruiting process. Considering the Coronavirus pandemic, college recruits face seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead. This article offers guidance with college recruiting and closing out the year on a high note.

How and Why to Teach Mindfulness to Young Athletes

By TrueSport
As a coach or parent, you may have heard that mindfulness or meditation has been shown to be a highly effective, free tool for calming nerves and decreasing stress levels. Much has been reported in recent years on how important mindfulness can be to the mental health of children as well.