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6 Things To Do When Coaching Your Own Child

By TrueSport
Many parents get into coaching because they have a child in the sport. It can be a fun, rewarding experience for both of you, but as you might have realized, it can also be a challenge. As a parent and a coach, it can be difficult to establish expectations and boundaries that keep everyone happy, including you, your athlete, and the other parents and athletes on the team.

4 Surprisingly Risky Substances for Competitive Athletes

By TrueSport
If your athlete is subject to a drug testing program or simply training regularly, it’s important to realize that some substances, including those in common prescription medications, present a risk of a positive anti-doping test and/or a possible health risk to young athletes.

Turning Sports Leaders into Life Leaders

By TrueSport
While some kids may not consider themselves natural leaders, it’s important for athletes to understand that they can learn these skills. But how do you, as a parent or a coach, hone those leadership skills and help athletes see the benefits of enhancing those skills in and out of sport?

Nutrition Myths: Do These Fueling Traditions Work?

By TrueSport
While many of the fueling traditions that you’ve heard about are going to be okay for most athletes, there are some modern tweaks you can make to ensure that your athlete is properly fueled and getting the nutrition he or she needs.

Differentiated Leadership: How to Figure Out What Each Athlete Needs

By TrueSport
On a team, there are athletes who naturally gravitate towards leadership roles and require little support. But those athletes aren’t the only ones who can be team leaders, and a dedicated coach can help athletes hone previously dormant leadership skills.