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USA Gymnastics understands that being the parent of a gymnast can be both rewarding and challenging. Sometimes it can be difficult to balance all of the obligations and commitments that come from having your child in the sport. It can be just as challenging to deal with the emotional ups and downs that come along with all practices and competitions. USA Gymnastics welcomes you to usagymparents.com, an online resource created to share information with parents to help them along their child's gymnastics journey.
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Finding the right gym is very important and it's the first step to your child's gymnastics journey.

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Mastering the 5 Cornerstones of Athletic Improvement Part II (PDF)

“When the student is ready, the master will appear.” This familiar quote uses the word “ready” to describe the state of mind of a coachable student. Your attitude toward being coached is the most critical factor in being able to take advantage of new information. It doesn’t matter how revolutionary the coaching might be if the student is not open or receptive to being influenced by a coach. You must find the sweet spot between confident in what you DO know and humble about what you DON’T know at the same time.

We Care Campaign
USA Gymnastics is proud to announce the We Care Campaign, an educational program designed specifically for parents and concerned adults that focuses on establishing and maintaining a safe gymnastics environment in your club.

Visit the We Care section of this site often for updated information and resources.

Teaching Kids to Manage Their Thoughts

Thursday, February 16 | 9:00pm EST
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David Benzel, “From Chump to Champ Part III”

In this interview, David discusses the personal journey of growth from “good to great” in which all athletes are engaged to some degree.

Have questions? Of course you do. USA Gymnastics has compiled a list of some of the most commom questions that parents ask about the sport and about getting their children involved.

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