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USA Gymnastics understands that being the parent of a gymnast can be both rewarding and challenging. Sometimes it can be difficult to balance all of the obligations and commitments that come from having your child in the sport. It can be just as challenging to deal with the emotional ups and downs that come along with all practices and competitions. USA Gymnastics welcomes you to usagymparents.com, an online resource created to share information with parents to help them along their child's gymnastics journey.
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Finding the right gym is very important and it's the first step to your child's gymnastics journey.

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5 Important Steps for College Athletics Recruiting

By Tom Kovic
The college experience will be some of the most critical years in our children’s lives. Realizing the potential leverage families and prospective student-athletes have in the college recruiting process will develop increased confidence and clarity as the college quest unfolds.

Safe Sport
USA Gymnastics Safe Sport is the organization's program related to the prevention and reporting of misconduct.

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How to Survive and Thrive With a Coach

Thursday, September 17 | 9:00pm EST
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How to Build a Rock-Solid Relationship With Your Child

Get ready to take a deep-dive into a pivotal parenting issue—how much control to exert when raising children.

Based on two of his favorite books, Choice Theory and Parenting With Love and Logic, David delivers a framework that parents can use as they help their kids learn to make good choices.

You’ll learn about:
* Three areas that make up a child’s “quality world”
* Two primary approaches that parents take to resolve situations
* When children should have the freedom to choose and what should be non-negotiable

Have questions? Of course you do. USA Gymnastics has compiled a list of some of the most commom questions that parents ask about the sport and about getting their children involved.

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